Cell Phone Addiction

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In today’s society, we are able to build connections and swap information more expeditious than ever before, through advanced information and communication technology. The most ascendant type of communication technology is the cell phone. Cell phone addiction, as a mental and social issue, and how it affects the way we interact in society has raised curiosity for many sociologist and psychologists. The utilization of cellphones in the past few years has increased significantly due to the social impact it has on society, causing many to feel as if they cannot function without their phone by their side. (Babadi-Akashe, Z., Zamani, B. E., Abedini, Y., Akbari, H., & Hedayati, N. 2014) Self-Concept. There is no denying the fact that social media has taken over society. Most people with smart phones have at least one social media account and of those 80% of social media time now is spent using cell phones. (Sterling 2016) Whether it’s through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat, this is the era of sharing our lives with friends, family, and stranger alike. Transparency is the new thing. (Luce 2010) Some people are so consumed in social media they begin to lose touch with their sense of self, the perception of oneself. The ability to self-reflect is necessary to have some type of understanding of one’s own motives and emotions. Studies have shown social media has been connected to higher calibers of depression, loneliness, envy, anxiety, narcissism and lack of social skills.

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