Cell Phone Addiction

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Does Cell Phone Addiction Exist? Miriam Smith Towson University Abstract As of 2012, almost everybody owns some form of technological device. These devices are accessible to all types of people, there is no discrimination. It has become more popular over the years through the expansion of smartphones. Cameras, music, social networking apps and practically anything you can imagine have become accessible at anytime, anywhere. With one tap, you can update your status, send a tweet, and send a picture or text. It’s convenient that it is so easy to stay connected but it has become detrimental. In this paper, I will address four different research studies, relating to cell phone addiction, and excessive cell phone use. These studies will show…show more content…
For example, a lot of people find very nard, even impossible to go a day without using their phone. It has be diagnosed by doctors that CFA is a real as an addiction as alcoholism or a drug addiction. Many people allow their cell phone’s to control their emotional, physical and mental well-being. Background of Topic Cell phones date back to as early as the 1970’s. The first cell phone was invented by Martin Cooper in 1973 (Anjarwalla, 2010). Cooper and his company created this device to make talking on the phone easier, by making the phone wireless. Now, more than 40 years later there are over 10 major cell phone networks and over 1,000 different designs of cell phones. The cell phone has evolved greatly over the years, starting from a very bulky brick shape to a slick 8 inch touch screen cell phone. “Approximately three quarters of the world’s population now has access to a mobile phone, according to a new study from the World Bank” (Fitzpatrick, 2012). Even kids starting at a young age of seven have cell phones. Cell phones are no longer just used for making phone calls. They are also used for texting, sending a picture, updating a status on twitter, etc. Cell phones make it easier to do pretty much everything. As times goes on, the more things the cell phone can perform. It wasn’t too long ago, when the first IPhone was released. In 2006, the all touchscreen smartphone open the door for many phones. Now the top phones being used in the U.S are IPhones

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