Cell Phone Addiction and Face to Face Conversation

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As cell phones have become more and more common in today's society, some people have a significant issue with not being able to disengage from their cell phone. So-called “smart phones,” which combine functionality of an organizer, browsing the Internet, playing tunes, and taking pictures, only worsen the reliance on one’s cell phone. Cell phones are no longer just a privilege but now have become a necessity. While using such devices for everyday tasks, work, and socializing with friends and family is perfectly normal, not being able to put them down while engaged in a conversation with your significant other or a friend who’s sitting in front of you may denote an increasing problem. In today's society, cell phones have become an addiction and affect our lives in more negative ways than positive ones, causing face to face communication to become less prevalent and loneliness to become the most common ailment of the modern world. With every passing day, technology continues to takeover daily lives. Regardless of one's gender, age, ethnicity, career or financial status, most people own a cell phone. In fact, 91percent of Americans own a cell phone (Archer). 51 percent of which have opted for a smart phone over a standard cell phone and these numbers are rising. The phone, tablet, computer and other high tech devices have become not just an object, but for many people, their best friend. Many of them begin to feel uneasy if they lose their cell phone, even if it is only for

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