Cell Phone Company Analysis in the Competitive Market

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Cell Phone Company Analysis In The Competitive Market EMBA690-1102B-05: Strategic Management in Dynamic Environments Phase 1 Individual Project Professor: Kevin Grant May 19, 2011 Abstract In my communication process with the vice president of the company, Mr. Smith, mentioned to him that I would prepare an informative report in order to help in obtaining the understanding of the cell phone industry when exploring strategic planning. The information submitted in my report will include the analysis, which is a critical component of the business plan. This is a topic that will be discussed during the final-conclusion of the board of directors. In my report, I have also discussed and assess the cell phone industry in terms of each of…show more content…
The service provider then focuses on the competitive strategy by beginning to negotiate with the consumer on the contract term, waiving the sign up fee and other features or services offered (Resource Alliance, 2006). The key of substitute products is used by cell phone providers in giving their customers options with the different options they offer in terms of the product availability. The customers/consumers are offered a variety of different products and services to choose from. In the cell phone industry, the amounts of different available products are overwhelming. Apple came out with the IPhone, which is similar to the available options on an IPod. The only difference with the IPhone is that besides being a phone, it is also an IPod. The cell phone company provider, AT&T originally only had the rights to selling the IPhone. This drew customers to AT&T because AT&T was the only provider that offered the IPhone. With this competitive strategy in place, AT&T has stayed on top when it came to customers wanting to own an IPod/phone (IPhone). Until recently, Verizon decided to get a piece of the pie in the competitive market, so they also acquired the rights from Apple so they may also attract customers due to the IPhone availability. The competitive key force, power of suppliers is mostly used in small towns. The population size of the town
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