Cell Phone During The 21st Century

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With the development of the science and technological process, the cell phone has been playing an increasingly important role in our current life. Almost people use the cell phone now. Also there are only few people do not use the cell phone. The cell phone became an indispensable part in our now life. It has brought a lot of benefits and made people get more convenience. For example, cell phone let people contact their families and friends be much easier, and cell phone also can be the camera, it saves the space of the package. So, the cell phone really makes people’s lives much convenient. At the same time, it also has created some serious problems as well. If children played cell phone with long time, it could improve the rate of the myopia. In the 21st century, the development of the cell phone had a big change, and integrated into people’s lives quickly. It made our lives be more and more convenient. The most basic benefit of a cell phone for which most of us use it is that we can stay connected with our loved ones in any part of the world and anytime. It is very easy to contact other people, people do not need to write the letter to another people. It makes the distance between people and people be closer, and also do not make the long lost friend feel strange. If we have some very emergency thing, we could ask for help to other person on time. Now, many kinds of cell phone can get the social application, it can text to people, call other people and get the
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