Cell Phone Evolution

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Life during the late 1800’s through the 1900’s was pretty much the same thing, when it came to communication. If you wanted to “get ahold” or communicate with someone that was not within walking distance you would follow these three simple steps: First you would walk over to the nearest landline phone. Depending on if no one else in the household was currently using it, would determine if you would be able to talk to who you wanted. Next you would pick up the phone and begin dialing. This could be as easy as pushing the numbers or as difficult as putting your finger in a hold on a rotating piece of plastic, spinning it all the way around and then repeating that process 10 times. The road you took to dialing depended mainly on how old…show more content…
Like stated before, the first cell phone had only three functions, to this day the average cell phone has close to ten functions. Whether it is television, mp3 player, GPS, internet, or 5mp camera, just about every phone is now entertainment itself. The most popular application on most phones would have to be the texting application. You no long have to talk to someone using your voice; a little finger strength and a conscious mind will now do the trick. It’s the first application where you can receive someone’s message and ignore them at the same exact time. When cell phones first introduced texting about 5,000 texts were sent each year. In 2007, 1.9 trillion texts were sent. Cell phones have obviously evolved over the years, being through applications or accessibility of the cell phone itself. So many changes throughout the years I often wonder when it will end. If it doesn’t where will cell phones be in 20 years? I often debate with myself whether all these upgrades are really necessary. Communicating with someone is so different now you can talk to someone for hours and never once see their face or hear their voice. Is this a good or a bad thing? You be the
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