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The impact of mobile technology on people’s lives Posted on April 27, 2012 by guirong zhang One of the priority tasks of the Literary High Street project is to allow users access the website primarily with mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Except of developing a unique mobile experience for users, it drives me to start exploring the influences of mobile technology to human’s lives as it is being so widely used in modern society. As we all know, the world is being connected much closer because of the development of information technology. The evolution of the information technology shows how human’s lives are being changes. Speaking of the advanced information technology today, mobile technology cannot be ignored. According…show more content…
Unlike the cell phone in1995, cell phone can do no more than just make a phone call. People can use it surf the Internet, play games, read e-books, take photos and videos, and so on. In addition, the mobile technology also favors people’s work a lot. People do not have to work at offices. They don’t have to worry about the unexpected work problems occurred during their vacation since they can deal with it by the mobile devices distantly. Another application on work is the use of CRM system. By viewing customers’ information on the tablets or mobile phones, sales can access customers’ information within a limited time, such as on their way to see customers so that they can provide thoughtful services (Business link, 2012). Finally, mobile technology makes life easier as well. In the past, you could see most tourists hold a map on the street, while they use the GPS and even tour guide applications instead of it nowadays. Besides, people can get the weather information anytime they want through the mobile devices rather than only through the newspaper, radio and TV. Generally speaking, with the advanced mobile technology, people benefit a lot from it. However, from another point of view, the development of the mobile technology also has its negative side. They say that every coin has two sides. Although mobile technology brings convenience to human’s lives, it would influences people’s lives negatively on both

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