Cell Phone Negative Impact On Society

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Positive and Negative Effects of Cell Phone Usage in Today’s Society Technology is slowly changing our society, that’s what we might think, but it’s actually developing rapidly. New cell phones, computers, tablets, iPads, and gaming systems are coming out with the latest and more advanced technology each year, which provokes people to buy these electronics. It’s only becoming more and more stronger worldwide. There are modern types of technology on electronic devices such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. These apps are the most commonly used in today’s society. Wherever you go, people are constantly on their cell phones, whether they’re playing a game, taking selfies, texting a friend, or scrolling through social media. No matter the age limit, people can access the internet anywhere they are at any time in the day. Now, even young children have access to social media on their electronic devices. Hundred of years ago, people wouldn’t have imagined that the future would become so technological that all they would have to do is tap on the screen to make a call, text someone, or search something on Google. Some people agree with the benefits of modern technology, while others might disagree. People may not realize that even though cell phones may have positive effects, they can also have negative effects as well. Positive Effects Even though cell phones have negative effects, they have many positive benefits in today’s society as well. Some of these benefits include keeping in touch, emergency use, constant internet access, and convenient information. I will be discussing these topics below. Keeping in touch. Today, cell phones allow us to easily communicate with our family and friends whenever we want. You can talk to your loved ones, whether you’re in a different country, state, or city. It doesn’t matter how far away you are because you can find internet and reception anywhere. Also, you can use cell phones to talk to your family and friends about your day, how you feel, and if there is some exciting or sad news that you heard. It makes things a whole lot easier rather than writing letters to your loved ones and waiting days on end until you get a reply from them. Emergency use. With a cell phone in
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