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Cell Phone Negotiations Danita Carter MGT/557 February 17, 2013 Marie Smith This paper addresses the situation of cell phone negotiations between the United States and China, specifically the situation involves: The all-male negotiating team from the United States seeks a cell phone price of $6 per unit. Assume the American team embodies the following Hofstede’s cultural dimensions: * Individualistic * Low-power distance * Low-term orientation * Low-context The all-female negotiating team from China offers cell phones with a $9 per unit price tag. Assume the Chinese team embodies the following Hofstede’s cultural dimensions: * Collectivistic * High-power…show more content…
The Chinese team, on the other hand, consists of only females and has a gender more relationship-oriented. Collectivism, like the Chinese team will form a cohesive group and the person holding a supervisory role will make the decisions. Members of this team will look for approval from the leaders of the team. Also the difference in gender in the two teams will focus on the concept that men will see a beginning to the negotiation process and an end. They see the relationships as separate from the negotiation. The Americans will focus on the goal with a strong point of view, and the Chinese will seem take more time because the Chinese will work more on their relationships. The need to go through the powers of authority to make a decision will delay any decisions. Gender differences also play a part in low or high-power distance of a party. In the American party the decision would be spread throughout the organization with respect given to all. In this respect also comes the confidence to question decision makers in this a lower-power distance. In the Chinese world, high-power distance is more the case with the decisions made only at the top, and the finalization given by the leader. For every decision, approval from the superior delays negotiations farther. In the American team culture, low-term orientation occurs there is a more change occurring and commitments do not become a problem for change to take place. This

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