Cell Phone Radiation And Its Effect

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When sitting in front of the TV, we sometimes hear these types of tumors and diseases influencing us to not sit on our couch for a long time so we don’t get those types of tumors or diseases. There are different conditions in these wellbeing vulnerabilities. People are well aware of cell phone radiation and its effect, but when it comes to smartphones, people seem to forget all about the radiation. Also, “to much use of smart phones which will build the danger of brain cancer, particularly among children. Children have slender skulls and delicate nervous system. Daily utilization of smart phones for a long time duplicates the danger of tumor in the auditory nerve that connects the ear to the brain. In the following example shows that the overuse of smart phones can affect our physical bodies and creates health hazards. Individuals need to understand how serious this conditions are. We sometimes ignore these types of things because it will never happen to us anyway. But this type of condition is so common nowadays and we have to be careful about it. However, these types of pain can be treated by minimizing the utilization of or to stop utilizing your phone for a bit and let your eyes, hands, and mind rest. It has also changed the way we communicate with each other. Smart phones permit its clients to be in a discussion without showing their faces. Not at all like a face to face discussion where one requires direct eye contact. Which will potentially be a negative impact for

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