Cell Phone Safety : The Most Cherished Work Of Mine

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This is probably the most cherished work of mine. I had heard the potential hazards of cell phones, and after spending an extended amount of time doing the research, the findings negating cell phone safety was irrefutable. I think that since cell phones are such a highly debated topic, it was an awesome subject to tackle, and I hope this paper can help people think twice about cell phone safety. Unseen Dangers: The Reality of Cell Phones The Industrial Revolution marked the beginning of modern technology, creating fruitful moments in history that paved the groundwork for the Information Age. The advancement of computer chip technology allowed us to create the modern day cell phones, revolutionizing the concept of communication. Today our…show more content…
George Zysman provides an excellent explanation, “This is especially impressive when we consider that the early phones were little more than radios, while the modern ones are essentially sophisticated computers capable of hundreds of millions of calculations per second” (109). Today, cell phones are devices many people cannot live without, which is evident in the exponential growth of cell phones users. According to a United Nations Telecom Agency report, there were about 6 billion cell phone subscriptions at the end of 2011, “with one cell phone account for roughly 86 of every 100 people” (Canadian Press). The modern “smartphone” is becoming the most desired communication device available. Nearly all businesspeople utilize the technology to stay current on their work tasks, and nearly every common layperson is impelled to possess these devices for entertainment and service applications. “Smartphones have… a real Web browser and a variety of other services, including GPS, a camera and a wide variety of other applications” (Sinisalo 6). The capabilities of modern cell phones have undoubtedly marked an unprecedented shift in convenient communication, entertainment, and service technology. However, since cell phones first debuted on the market, and continuing until present day, there has been a startling misconception regarding the safety of cell phones. When the cell phone industry began growing in the 1980s, the industry
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