Cell Phone Use And Cell Phones

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A. (Attention Grabber) Have you ever witnessed disruptive cell phones usage in public? When is it acceptable, to use cell phones in public? Americans today have adapted the addiction of cell phone technology, the device accommodates more than just text or talking.Cell phone use is a problem in America and in our own homes. The existence of cell phones have changed the communication skills of many round the world. I believe the wave has sailed right along with rude public cell phone behavior..

B.(Thesis Statement) My point today is not to tell you how to use your cell phone. But to encourage, why you should to stop distracting others while communicating on your mobile device.

C. (The problems) The problem is people tend to over exhaust conversations in public. Cell phone conversations have become a major distraction resulting in accidents, attention span behaviors and annoying public manners.

D. (Main Points)

First, I will focus the attention problems of cell phone usage.
Second, the cause of Cell Phone distractions.
Third, the solutions to rude public cell phone behavior.

II. Body Paragraph 1

A. The problem with Phone usage, has become an epidemic. Social media has taken the place of our local news paper The Stockton Record. First example,the impact of social media has taken over the attention span of many. I am sure obnoxious conversations in public will draw attention of annoyance to anyone. Cell phone usage should not control your social…

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