Cell Phone Use Hurts Parent-Child Bonding

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Most people over the age of forty know life without a cell phone, have survived, and thrived. However, today parents are too busy talking or texting on the cell phone and ignoring their children. Distracted parents are to blame for many near drownings and injuries at home, because they were so deep in conversation. Children are deliberately misbehaving to get their parents’ attention. Obviously, as soon as an infant is born bonding begins between baby and parents. Before babies can talk, adults speak to them, and the infants imitate their parents. Inquisitive toddlers learn facial expressions by mimicking others whom they see in various outings; mothers frequently use the shopping adventure to introduce children to colors and…show more content…
Unfortunately, too many parents have their faces focused down at their cell phone screen; their children are receiving an unspoken message that they are not important. As a result, lack of face-to-face communication keeps people from being social and spending quality time with one another. Instead of dialogue with their parents, children today are head down, submerged in their electronics. In fact, during dinner time, families used to come together to reconnect after a long day apart, but now with cell phones the closeness once shared has drastically changed. "People who spend a lot of time online don't develop social and emotional skills they need," said Clifford Nass, a Stanford communication professor and a researcher on both studies. "We think the reason is that you have to learn how to read emotion and understand people's emotions." For example, at the playground, while parents are on their cell phone they think they are spending time with their children when they are not. Moreover, when children get together, they do not play the same anymore because they are too busy playing games on their phones. Later on, because of no real socializing, children become expressionless and have a difficult time with emotional and physical interaction with others. Because of the constant use of cell phones by parents, children learn very few facial expressions. The cell phones are incapable of teaching emotional and

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