Cell Phone Use While Driving Essay

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The advancements in technology have led to an increase in cell phone usage. Cell phones allow for accessible communication between family and friends even when driving. The increase in cell phone usage while driving has made hand-held features such as Bluetooth be a standard in many cars. Recently researchers have been examining the implications that driving while using hands-free and hand-held phones have on cognitive abilities. The evidence that supports banning cell phones, including hands-free phones is that it impairs a driver’s attention (Strayer et al., 2003) and increases the chances of a car accident (Seo & Torabi, 2004). The empirical evidence that suggests driving while intoxicated (Strayer et al., 2006) and texting (Harrison, 2011) are dangerous. It has been proven that cell phone usage while driving impairs a driver’s attention (Strayer et al., 2003). Strayer et al. (2003) conducted a study in which a driving simulator was used to measure forty participants braking response times. Of the forty participants, 83% reported to previously using a cell phone while driving (Strayer et al., 2003). In this experiment a dual-task of having the participant talk to a confederate on a topic of interest (Strayer et al., 2003). The four dependent measures used in this experiment were brake-onset time, brake-offset time, following distance and minimum speed (Strayer et al., 2003). The results in a MANOVA showed that the dual-task of talking on a cell phone had a slower
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