Cell Phones And Health Risks

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During my recent searches on this particular subject, I across interesting studies regarding cell phones and health risks. Cell phones have changed drastically from 20 years ago to present. When phones first came out they were only in our homes, I recall when I was younger we would go places and wouldn’t have a cell phone to call or text, to let your family know your location, unlike today. In the early 90’s, the bag phone was introduced to the public. These phones were a big deal when they first came out, you would plug them into your cigarette lighter. When you would call someone it took a bit for it to go through but once the call went through you could hear someone on the other line. When you got done with the call you would hang up and once you got home you would zip the phone up and carry it inside. As a kid, this was very interesting. The cordless cell phones were quickly developed. If you had a cordless cell phone you were cool. When the cell phones first came out, your options were limited. At the time talking was the only option available, more options were available; text, check email, and facebook. The more technology rise; the more you can do on your phones, from skype to google and even ask your phone questions and it will answer back. When I did recent research I found that the studies have become more about what the cell phones are doing to people and their health. In this essay you will learn that throughout history, Scientists have done studies to find that
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