Cell Phones And Its Effect On Our Lives

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The first cell phone that was build in a car the reason why it was because it was too big to carry around in your pockets. Buying a phone in 1980 were very expensive, not everyone can afford a phone for themselves. Cell phones back in the day would cost just about over a couple thousand of dollars. The mobile devices that were made in that time was only for phone calls without any caller ID 's to tell who 's calling you. .Cell phones have been producing a lot better over these few years. Back a few years ago cell phones was not as popular as it is today. Cell phones are a really big factor this year than it was in the previous years. Back in the day when cell phones first came out they were not very big and it was not able to fit in your pockets. The size of the phone that was made almost about a shoe box size, and what had on the phones were a long antenna to where you would have to pull it out every time you would receive phones or make phone calls. And the phones would only have 2G but later in the years it became 3G. .In 1991 there was a phone made at the second generation that had about 2G. This type of phone was one of the biggest technology made by a company called Radiolinja. This phone was also a very big purchase, this phone was another big phone to where the part where you talk on was attached to a box to where the phone was connected. The reason why the phone was attached to the box is because that would be the only way the phone would work at the time.
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