Cell Phones And Its Effect On Our Lives

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Cell phones Human beings have invented a small device called a cell phone, or (mobile), and its benefits are considerably obvious. We need it a lot in our lives. Nowadays , the cell phone has become one of the necessities of life. There is no doubt that cell phone production is a leap of scientific quality. There were cell phones at the beginning of the eighties, but they were large and heavy .Then, those cell phones were to be followed by a series of phones in development with downsizing as a result of the demand in the markets. In 1984, Nokia launched its first cell phone in the car in the world. However, in the nineties, it is different than previously to many uses of cell phones : sound, image,Bluetooth, and Internet . As for now, the new generations have emerged from these phones .Also, the numerous regulations that exceeded the imagination. The cell phone system using low-powered radio transmitters, with each transmitter covering a distinct geographical area (cell) and computer equipment to switch a call from one area to another, thus enabling large-scale car or portable phone service (“ Dictionary” ).The cell phone is a tool of communication between people ,and one of the main reasons for the development of communication between people. it was invented by Martin Cooper in 1947. He is a researcher at Motorola Communications Company in Chicago ; where he had first call on 3 April 1973, when LT company began testing in
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