Cell Phones And Its Effect On Our Human Interaction

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"I fear the day that technology will suppress our human interaction. The world will have a generation of idiots" (Albert Einstein). Americans basically live off of cell phones, it is considered a necessity of life. By 2015, it is estimated that Americans will consume both traditional and digital media for over 1.7 trillion hours, an average of approximately 15 and a half hours per person per day (Short). Is it good or bad for schools to allow students to have cell phones? The latest Teens and Technology 2013 study, from Pew Research, found that 78 percent of teens aged 12 – 17 own a cell phone (Haselton). However, a Worcester School committee member called for a re-evaluation of the school district 's policy on the use of cell phones in schools on November 5, 2015 (Egan). The school boards across America should pick the right decision regarding the allowance of cell phones in school, and parents should trust the board 's decision. Cell phones should be and remain banned in schools because they bring harm to a student 's education, health, and safety.
Most importantly, cell phones allowed in school bring harm to a student 's education by distracting and cheating. Cell phones in class are a distraction for the user and other classmates. When students have these devices near it is hard to concentrate. For example, a professor who is teaching a lesson, which may be boring, will tempt students to go on their cell phones and browse Instagram. The consistent vibrating sound from a…
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