Cell Phones And Its Effects On Individual, Families, And Society

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Abstract: Cell phones use has become the norm of the day with almost everyone having the ability to access a mobile phone. The cell phones pose great danger to the users as well as the society in general. The radioactive frequencies emitted by cell phones exposes the user to the risks of suffering from cancers such as brain tumors and breast cancers in women. The society is also affected as the use of cell phones has impacts in individual, families and the society in general. Dangers of cell phones: Introduction: A mobile phone/cell phone is a gadget that can receive and make telephone calls using while moving around a wide geographical area (Burgess, 2004). The first cellular phone was developed by Motorola in 1983. These phones were heavy and used a lot of power; hence there was a need to develop a smaller and portable cell phone. Over years, these cell phones have been developed to the current hi-tech phones we have today. Cell phones offer a wide range of services other than calling and receiving calls such as; text messaging, MMS, email and internet access. Other services include short-range wireless communication (Bluetooth and infrared), gaming, business application and photography (George, 2002). Other phones known as Smartphones that can offer these services and more general computing capabilities are widely available in the market. Unlike the initial high prices for mobile (the first mobile phone retailed for nearly 4,000 dollars) nowadays cell phone3s

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