Cell Phones And Its Effects On Our Lives

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Almost everyone in the United States has one; most people will not leave their house without theirs. The answer to this riddle? Cell phones. Children and adults alike are partaking in the growing addiction to their mobile devices. Can we blame them though? The sheer amount of uses, features, along with other various gizmos that come along with a cell phone are enough to make not having one a handicap on most people. Schools, websites, work places, all are integrating cell phone use into their everyday tasks. Downsides to cell phones do exist, but the benefits of having one far outweigh the drawbacks. Texting and driving, one of the leading causes of teenage deaths and one of the only deleterious effects cell phones have on our lives. According to the Insurance Institute of Highway Safety’s Fatality Facts, texting and driving causes 11 teen deaths every day. Cell phones have many great uses, but they can also be terribly distracting. When teenagers receive a text while they are driving, they feel like they need to respond right away. The feeling that they need to respond immediately leads to teenagers becoming distracted which causes them to take their eyes off of the road. Even a few seconds of not looking at the road can change a person’s life forever. Cell phones have provided us with an easier access to information than any generation before us. Gone are the days where a person had to flip through the pages of a dictionary to find the definition of a particular word.
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