Cell Phones And Its Effects On Our Lives

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Over the past decade, we have integrated technology into many parts of out lives. We use our cell phones for everything from finding directions, to taking pictures of moments you do not want to forget. Everywhere you go, you cell phone goes with you, if you forget it at home, somehow we feel naked without it. Cell phones have become so powerful and useful for so many things other than just making phone calls; I do not even know why we still call them phones. With that, we have the right to feel secure and free from unwarranted searches though our cell phones and electronic devices. Cell phones and technology have increasingly become more ubiquitous and pervasive in human lives. Uses range from making phone calls to searching where the nearest hospital is. Mobile phones have become more like computers rather than a cell phone. You can find more about a person with their phone, than looking through their apartment. Cell phones have become a device that can hold a lot of information about you that can be used against you in court. Similar to you house or where you live, you might own things that are against that law to own. Due to that, our founding fathers in the 18th century came up with the Bill of Rights. In that, the Fourth Amendment states that a person has the right to be secure in their persons, houses, papers and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures. The Supreme Court announced that they made a unanimous decision to declare smart phones and
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