Cell Phones And Its Effects On Society Essay

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Since at present more and more people are affected by cell phones and mobile phones’ temptations have reduced face-to-face communication among people, attracted people from their study and work, and even harmed their health and life, it is urgent now to find detailed origins behind such phenomenon of cell phone addiction and then find solutions to this serious problem. Until now, on this topic many researchers have investigated people’s average using times of cell phones per day, people’s average amount of time of using cell phones per day, people’s feelings of being apart from cell phones, and several most frequent activities people use cell phones for. The total numbers of people who own cell phones in different parts of the world can be counted by some media or organizations. Also some authoritarian institutions have show scientific information about the effects playing with cell phone can bring to people. In order to make a more comprehensive understanding of this phenomenon, and more specific questions are necessary. For this reason, we did a survey to find the origins of cell phone addiction. Since it seems that different groups have variable attitudes and behaviors of using cell phone, gender and age are then tested to find that if they are factors. Background information of cell phone use In contemporary society, accompanying with the rapid development of technology, many electronic devices that were rare and scarce in the past have become common among ordinary

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