Cell Phones And Its Effects On Society

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Every day technological ideas are developed by marketers to create the next big thing in electronic devices so that it makes people’s lives more convenient. Cell phones as an example is used in the article, “Our Cell Phones, Our Selves” by Christine Rosen to discuss how it changed the lives of people in society. Overtime, new developments of cell phones has allow people to contact each other and to explore the internet with just a touch of a finger. This electronic device has made huge hits for businesses and corporations because of how much profit they get from millions and millions of consumers. However, people don’t realize that there is also negative consequences using mobile phones because it mainly decreases the communication in…show more content…
A similar perspective to Rosen’s idea is a writer named Laura Jerpi who writes for the South Source website. She emphasizes Rosen’s idea through her interviews with the psychologist Dr. Lisabeth S. Medlock that people spend majority of their time with their phone on social media like Facebook and Twitter. Not only adults are affected by this, but their own children are conforming to this kind of society which decreases the quality time spent in a family. Interactive time is significant because it is where people connects with each other and express their feelings and if people are spending most of their time on their electronics then families will lose that face-to-face communication. However in another interview with a general studies director named Tony Starkweather, he gives a different perspective that differs from Rosen’s idea. He mentions, “The mobile phone has made it easier to amplify those mistakes” (Jerpi). In his opinion he believes that phones are not decreasing our communication, only to enhance it. High School is the appropriate age when a child should be given a cell phone and there should parental controls when they are accessing the Internet. Parents think that giving their kids phones will allow them to easily contact their child and that they will be safer with a phone. Marguerite Reardon, a senior writer at CNET who gives advices about technology, believes that
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