Cell Phones And Its Effects On Society

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Cell phones are one of the numerous technologies that have changed our lives in astounding ways. Similar to any external stimuli, cell phone usage can form an addiction that negatively impacts your life. Two covers for The New Yorker, “Unmasked” and “Sweet Nothings” convey the same message of cell phone addiction distracting people from living in the present moment and enjoying their lives. “Unmasked” depicts parents taking their children trick-or-treating, which would normally be an enjoyable moment for any parent, but in this case the parents are engrossed in their phones. The image has a very eerie feel to it, everyone and everything is dark colors. The only warm colors come from the white masks the children wear, the orange tinted light emitting from the doors and windows of the three houses, and the white light being emitted from the parent’s cell phone. The light from the parent’s phones effectively creates a mask, covering them from their children and the enjoyment right in front of them. The image suggests that the parents are in the Halloween spirit too, but their costume is that of a zombie who mindlessly walks around. The face of the houses in the picture are similar to the face of a human faces, suggesting that inanimate objects are viewing the joyous moment more than the parents. In her essay “Our Cell Phones, Ourselves” Christine Rosen quotes a study by Erving Goffman, stating “One of the groups Goffman studied keenly were mental patients…how often people who
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