Cell Phones And Its Impact On Human Life

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Technology has advanced rapidly over the past several decades. However, nothing seems as impactful as the advancement of cell phones and their abilities. Advancement in cell phone computers has led to technologies that have improved the overall quality of human life. Today 's modern cell phones combine multiple devices into one, which gives the cell phone many different uses. The advancement in cell phones has impacted the way humans interact with each other as well as form relationships. Cell phones have been around since the early 1920s, instead of being the mobile phone we have today, these phones were radios that were used and becoming the new communication devices. The first phone that was invented was the radio-car-phones made on…show more content…
The reason for this is because The Cellular Technology Industry was created, and helped make this small industry into a huge empire. In 1991 the first mobile phone was available to the public, and at the time this was known as the most evolved phone to have ever come out. Eventually, cell phones had 3G, short for the third generation and meant that these devices were now able to access the internet wirelessly. They later had a small problem, there was not enough internet for all of our desires, therefore we needed more gigabytes. On Britannica Academic, "The increasing demands placed on mobile telephones to handle even more data than 3G could lead to the development of 4G technology. In 2008 the ITU set forward a list of requirements for what it called IMT-Advanced or 4G; these requirements included data rates of 1 gigabit per second for a stationary user and 100 megabits per second for a moving user. (Borth)" Now, years later and we are in 2017. Little did we realize that we have evolved so much more since our first "evolved phone" back in 1991. We have created more evolved phones thanks to technology and science. We now have phones that are as small as our hand, between 4 inches to six inches tall, and as thin as 6.9mm-7.1mm. When the first cell phone was released they were known for keeping in contact with people we do not see every day such as far away from family members or friends that are gone for
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