Cell Phones And Our Society

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Cell phones and our society People live in a world where new technology allows us to communicate more effectively. Wherever people go, they will see others using their phones and texting, emailing, chatting and tweeting to connect with others. According to pew Research Center shows that 90 % of American adults and 64 % of teens own cell phones. Whether people have a Smartphone, or a basic phone, eventualities are they check their phone, even when their Cell phone does not ring or vibrate. People should ask themselves if they can leave their phone for a week. I think they may feel lost. Cell phones are changing the way that human interact with each other and changing their expectations for social communication. People who are using the cell phone more than is necessary, it will affect negatively face to face communication and caused major health issues that affect their body. Cell phones harm users’ ability to be in touch with others face to face communication. Cell phones have made less communicate with families and the people around them. For example, when someone sitting around a community of people, and a person starts gazing at his/her phone searching for work emails or texting someone else, that makes the other person feel unimportant. Also, when people are using their cell phones excessively, they will be lonely and disconnected from their families and friends. When a person is addiction stuck to their Mobile phones, he or she will not be aware to the things that
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