Cell Phones And Social Media

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Cellphones and Social Media are Dangerous in the Healthcare Field What are some ways that cell phones and social media contribute to accidents, injuries, and violations to the nurses, faculty, and patients? Cell phones and social media are hazardous in our everyday lives, as well as the use of them in hospitals and nursing homes. Would you want a nurse to take care of you that’s on his or her cell phone laughing, grinning, and talking about or looking at Facebook while injecting a shot into your arm? Neither would I. Cell phone usage and social media usage are distractions. For example: mostly all car accidents occur from people texting and driving, so just imagine the harm that can occur from a nurse using his or her cellphone while trying to attend to a patient. Instead of giving a patient Tylenol, the nurse accidentally grabs Penicillin and the patient is allergic to it. The use of cell phones would be fine as long as the faculty and staff are on break, but not while being clocked in and having other people’s lives in their hands. Cell phones and social media cause deaths, injuries, and legal issues to occur when least expected. The most common example used when speaking of cell phone distractions is using a cell phone while driving. The Center for Injury Research Prevention did a survey and explained that. “It is well established that distracted driving, and cell phone use while driving in particular, pose significant crash risk for drivers” They explained that the
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