Cell Phones Are The Most Vital Part Of People 's Life Essay

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Mobile phones are turning out to be more exceptional and more prominent Who does not own a cell phone these days? The answer would be low. Many teenagers and adults own a cell phone. The technology is advancing rapidly, and new phones are coming out with different providers, there is more choice now. I-phones are spreading everywhere and most people either have one or want one. More kids are getting acquainted with mobile phones as a result of their needs and for communication. Cell phones are very dependable to have to keep in touch with others, and to communicate. Subsequently, cell phones are something to be thankful for. However, nowadays texting has become more popular, and calling has decreased its popularity. These are used for very different situations, with different age groups and used differently with the two sexes.
Cell phones have for sure become the most vital part of people’s life. It is almost impossible to imagine life without them. Now they are affordable, easy to use, comfortable and equipped with latest feature the user desire. For people of all ages from children to senior citizens, mobile phones are like a craze and the way of being ahead with the technology. So, there has been a rapid growth of the mobile phone industry during the past few years. Ten years ago mobile phones were used only by a handful of people. However, these days, all individuals have their own particular mobile phone and some of them even have two or more. So, as technology has…

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