Cell Phones : Benefits And Drawbacks

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Cell Phones the Benefits and the Drawbacks Technology has left a lasting impression on today 's culture, both good and bad. The world is filling with countless pieces of technological device that flood our rooms and homes. Television sets, desktop computers, gaming systems, radios etc. One device in particular that floods the pockets of most people is cell phones. That 's not just one type of cell phone, but all cell phones in general. The Benefit of having this device is that you can communicate with loved ones, but with your advantages comes your disadvantages. The heavy impression that drawbacks of cell phones leave can be blinding. These cons for all cells phone users is that we tune others out and never clock out of work. Although communicating with loved ones is a large benefit. cell phones can even be beneficial to get ahold of emergency personnel for those critical times that everyone will endure. One benefit of cell phones is communicating with loved ones in times of distance. There are millions who carry this device everywhere they go. I assume we do this because as human beings we simply love to communicate. Everyone has someone in there lives that are comfortable to talk to. The shyest person in the world still has surroundings that they are use to amongst others. This is why cell phones are truly a benefit. Users as a whole can take notice to this factor as an advantage because we all have loved ones. Another Benefit of cell phones are there factors that
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