Cell Phones Can Help Keep A Parents Child Safe

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Almost every child has asked his or her parents for a cell phone. While there may be plenty of adequate reasons for parents to say no, there are also some reasons for parents to say yes. That child may want a cell phone so that he or she can talk to his or her friends, to get apps, or to be able to say that he or she has one, but parents can benefit from their child have a cell phone too. Parents should say yes to their child having a cell phone because it can help keep their child safe, keeps them in touch and up to date, can be the source of discipline or punishment, and they are affordable. Cell phones can help keep a parents child safe. If there was ever a situation where a parent had to talk to his or her child, or vice versa, all that parent would have to do is call. Also, with the GPS, parents can locate their child as long as that child has his or her phone on. If a parent’s child ever runs away or goes missing, the police can track him or her down. Even with the phone off the police can track old signals that can help them track a parents’ child. Now phone companies are making apps to help with safety. For example, Motorola has made Motorola Alert. Motorola Alert can send text messages out for when a child or parents would like to let each other know where using meet me, parents can get their child’s location sent to them every five to thirty minutes using follow me, and if there was ever an emergency their child could use the emergency button that would send an
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