Cell Phones Distracted Driving

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Although some people say believe that cell phones are good in case of an emergency, the implementation of cell phones is distracting drivers and leading to increases in crash percentages, elevates the percentage of teen deaths and influxes in insurance rates of teen drivers. Distracted driving is a growing problem in today's society. It causes countless deaths every year. This problem has progressed over the years due to the progress in mobile devices. The advance of cell phones has made distracted driving even more of a problem. Texting and driving is a very common problem because of the progression of cell phones. Many people think that five seconds is the minimal amount of time that drivers take away from the road when they are trying to…show more content…
Often times teens learn or feel that it is okay to do some of the things they do on the road because the grew up watching their parents doing it while they're were driving and they feel like it's normal to drive that way (Seiler). The sad fact is that so many people want to believe that texting and driving is okay. Unfortunately some of these people don't get a second chance to fix that bad habit and many times these young drivers die. Most experienced drivers can tell you that it is important to be not only an attentive driver but also a defensive driver. The reason being although you may be following the law and doing everything right when you're driving other people may not be. It take two or more people to be involved in a car accident and when you really think about it car accidents are not really accidents. The actual definition of accident is “an unfortunate incident that happens unexpectedly and unintentionally”(www. The problem is that it's not a mistake if you decide to pick up the phone while you are driving 70mph down the highway, because you chose to do that. It's not unintentional if you crash into another car because you were texting and driving, you knew the risk you were taking when you picked up the phone but you decide it was ok. Normal car accidents where the driver or drivers are not at fault are normally caused by car malfunctions, acts of nature, etc. The biggest problem that drivers have is controlling their abilities to stay on task, focused to the road and what is happening all around them. Most drivers Will simply say something like “I didn't see the other car” or “I wasn’t paying attention”. When things like that happen it's because they feel like not paying attention for a few seconds won't matter but it really does matter. A car crash can be caused in less than a
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