Cell Phones: Does Using Cell Phones Make People More or Less Connected?

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Cell phones: Does using cell phones make people more or less connected? Article 1 About writer: Helen Lee Lin in 2012. He did Ph.D in the department of Psychology for University of Houston and now he is working as a writer and freelancer in Ankara, Turkey. His basics interest in writing are in the fields of language, marketing, human relationship and media effects. Link to the Article: http://www.scientificamerican.com/article/how-your-cell-phone-hurts-your-relationships/ Summary In the article the write Helen lee Lin is describing multiple benefits of having a cell phone and besides this he is describing its dangerous and negative impacts on the relationships. In his article he said that now a day it is impossible for the mobile…show more content…
The writer then discussed about the another experiment that had made in this experiment two pairs were asked to have 20 minutes chit chat on a general casual topic with using the mobile phones and another pair was asked to have chit chat with each other on personal and emotional topics with the presence of having cell phones. The results revealed that cell phone usage do effect the couple who were talking about the neutral issues but the another couple who did chit chat on personal and emotional topics then the presence of cell phones effects negatively their level of closeness and connection. The writer suggested in this article that for the purpose of developing the close connection and strong emotional bonding it is compulsory to keep your phone away especially when you are with your close relationships. In my opinion this article is very helpful for the purpose of developing best understating about hoe cell phones are responsible in creating distances among our close relationships. This article is also helpful locating the reasons and situations where it badly impacts our conversations and become the reason of poor communication. By reading this article I have developed the best understanding about how the usage of cell phones affects the social communication structure and how this way of communication has

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