Cell Phones : Good And Bad

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Cell phones could be both good and bad. Some people say that cell phones are dangerous. While, other people would argue that cell phones are a great invention. With every invention comes positives and negatives. Some of the advantages that cell phones provide is that testing is a fast and easy way of communication, texting and have social media all on your phone can always keep you updated and social with your friends, and people always have all of their personal information at one touch and carries it with them everywhere. Then, there are the disadvantages of cell phones which include texting at the wrong times such as driving is highly dangerous, while you are social and updated with friends through texting it can diminish your communication skills when it comes to talking in person, and also if you have all of your information on your phone and it gets lost of stolen then somebody knows everything that is on there. In the duration of this paper there will be a comparing of both the negatives and the positives of cell phones and their capabilities. Most all cell phones nowadays are equipped with an option to text. Texting is a prime example of how it could make this invention good or bad. When texting was introduced it was thought of a very fast, easy, and convenient way of communicating. Then, there comes the negatives about texting. One very huge negative about texting is that if it is abused, then it could be potentially dangerous. The most talked about danger with
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