Cell Phones : Greater Risk Or Reward

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Cell Phones- Greater Risk or Reward Cell phones brings many positive and negative benefits to our everyday lives that we may or may not notice. A simple text could leave you feeling giddy and joyful, or sad and traumatized. A lot of people have no idea that a cell phone is a very powerful resource and digs much deeper into our minds and bodies than we can notice at a glance. My belief is that cell phones are a useful, powerful tool that can be very effective if used in moderation, but if not it could wind up doing more harm than good. Overall, cell phones are worth the risk as long as you don’t over use them and use them at the right times because, they offer many inventive ways to help us with our daily life, they are a more direct line…show more content…
Cell phones are becoming so advanced that giving them the name smart phones is almost an understatement at this point. Even if someone was to forget to pay their bill and their phone got cut off they would still be able to contact others if they are around Wi-Fi. All they would have to do would be download a free text messaging and calling app, and use their phone as if nothing has changed. These applications help our lives flow together much more smoothly, and while sometimes it is good to do things the old fashioned way, it’s not always the smartest way to do something. Cell Phones offer a much more direct line of communication and bring convenience to our lives. Here’s a scenario, lets rewind 40 years and try and check on our grandparents who live two states away. Well, first we have to write a letter and then go down to the post office and send it. That alone will take a minimum of thirty minutes, and then add another two days for the letter to arrive. Once the letter arrives we just have to hope that the idea of writing a letter just to say “I’m doing fine honey, how about you?” doesn’t bore our grandparents to death. If we do get lucky, and they decide to write back we only have two more days until we get our letter back. That’s a minimum of four days to have a conversation that could take four minutes through a simple call or text. Cell phones operate by sending radio frequencies to
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