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Are cell phones dangerous?
Cell phones are a wonderful thing. You can talk. Take pictures. Listen to music. Converse over email or text messaging, and browse the Internet among a handful of other things. I love to use my cell phone and actually use it more then any other phone at the office or at home. However, I use it with immense concern. I have concern about the use of the phone causing health issues, like cancer and brain tumors over time. Are these concerns warranted? I have studied technology and specifically wireless communications as a graduate student at Northwestern University. My professor had advanced scientific & wireless knowledge and advised us all to get headsets for our cell phones. So why would someone who works in
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The cellular network is set up in a hexagonal pattern which maps over the entire area you live. As you move from one hexagonal cell to the next you are fairly close to the center of the cell at all times. Though I do not know what scientific evidence I can draw and quantify from this information in relation to health issues. So after examining those three factors, it seems that much like cigarette smoking was accepted and not linked to illness until the appropriate medical and scientific knowledge was gathered to prove otherwise, it is possible that cell phone usage and exposure to RF energy on soft tissue could cause serious health issues (i.e. tumors). So in the meantime there are a few options: 1.) Keep using my phone next to ear in hopes that this is just a scare.
2.) Take action! Use a headset connected to the headset jack (not a Bluetooth device) to get the handset away from the soft tissue of the brain. Or get a cellphone with a speaker phone to get the handset further way from your skull. Since an inadequate length of time has passed to show evidence that there is no link between tumors and cell phones because right now the studies conducted on cell phones and health concerns have been performed with adequate duration to do otherwise. I am going to have to go with option number two and use a headset for as many of the 900 minutes a month that I currently spend with the handset pressed firmly to my skull while is send

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