Cell Phones Should Be Banned While Driving

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Deaths from distracted driving is at an all-time high and believed to be caused mostly by cell phone usage, as a result cell phone use should be banned while driving, only a few disagree, mostly those in the cell phone industry. Should they be banned? This is a tough question to answer. Most Americans want to hold on to cell phones while they drive. This is obvious. Just drive down the road and look at the car next to you. Almost every driver these days is on their phone, but they know the risks. If you ask them they tend to agree. Cell phones are a distraction that should be banned while driving. Even Bluetooth devices do not seem to be a big help, because it’s the dialing part that is the distraction. So, what is a safe driver to do?
I have been driving numerous hours lately, sixty to be exact so I can get my driver’s license in a couple of weeks. While spending so much time on the roads recently, I have noticed tons of people distracted on their cell phones. In fact, a couple have almost run me off the road while drifting into my lane. I also have many friends that use their cell phones when driving, all of which are inexperienced drivers. This all makes me very nervous now that I am going to be a driver myself. I often hear about automobile accidents that are caused because someone was using their cell phone. In fact, a lady was killed in my hometown last year because a man admitted to texting while driving. There are many groups that advocate for no texting while driving, which experts say is a bigger risk for distraction, because it takes your attention away from the road longer. Some of these groups are: “U.S. Department of Transportation/National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Impact Teen Drivers, National Safety Council, Drop It and Drive, and End Distracted Driving which was created by the parents of Casey Feldman after she was killed in 2009 by a distracted driver” (CellControl). If you look at the statistics with good reason, you can assume that cell phones are the cause. “U.S. fatalities from traffic accidents rose 7.2% last year to 35,092—the largest increase in 50 years—and distracted driving played a role in 10% of those deaths, according National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
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