Cell Phones Should Not Be Abused

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Today, All over america, more and more people are getting addicted to their cell phones. Around 40% of the population are considered “addicted” to their phones. 58% of men and 47% of women suffer from something called Nomophobia, This is when a person fears being without their phone. Nowadays there 's people out there that cannot even live without a phone for one day, this is a really bad habit that people all over America are inhabiting. It 's become so bad that 44% if peoplesaid they have become very anxious when the individual is without their phone for about a week. If this doesn 't tell you that the use of cell phones is being abused, well around 91% of cell phone users have to take their phone to the restroom with them while using…show more content…
Knowing that this zone actually exists, tells people that they are using their cell phones way too much. Soon these zones are going to be so common, just think back a few years ago when cigarette free zones were popping up everywhere.This happened because of the abuse in the nonwanted areas, and just think about how people are starting to encourage phone free zones now. This addiction is taking over many people in the world and technology is only growing and growing every single day. And therefore technology will always be used , but the scary thing is how much. The use of cellphones is taking over our lives , regardless the age, ethnicity, gender or career, right now the population of people who own a cell phone is around 56% , By the way it sounds, I don 't think that percentage will stay stable for any time soon. People should in fact be worried of this addiction. A person with this addiction will start to forget how to live in the real world, This doesn 't just go for people in america. People all over the world are drastically losing theirs skills in their everyday social life. Kids on the other hand are also getting affecting by this addiction. This addiction is able to take over kids at a very young age. Kids are now able to control all these new devices by themselves but this can also be very dangerous. All these Kids are the ones who are going to make up the world in the future. And Kids who have thier parents with this addiction is even worse because
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