Cell Phones Should Not Be Banned

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Abstract Accordingly, there are more mobile devices owned in the United States than there are people (2011). Many states have passed laws forbidding text messaging while driving, and there are even fewer that have passed laws that ban cell phone usage while driving completely. Even though the statistics are clear and that there is a problem, there is still yet to be a bill passed that eliminates the use of cell phones across all states, altogether. Many people believe that such a bill would limit their freedom even more than the government already has. With millions of Americans driving, and the many that use cell phones while driving, the problem is very real and very grave. Laws that prohibit using cell phones nationwide have yet to be passed. Legislative action in individual states varies greatly regarding the use of cellular devices while driving. According to Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA), there is no state that completely bans the use of cell phones while driving, and there are only 14 states that ban the use of a handheld cell phone (2012). Many other states impose restrictions on certain ways to use a cell phone, however most do not carry a heavy penalty for breaking them. Because of all of the differences in states ' laws regarding cell phone usage, it is reasonable to conclude that there are those who would unknowingly break the law by using their cell phone due to ignorance. Standardizing a law prohibiting cell phone usage completely would help
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