Cell Phones Should Not Be Banned

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Nowadays we can go around the corner without seeing a smart phone. Technology is everywhere we can 't escape it even if we tried. We have advanced so far that we often forget that technology in certain places can be counterproductive especially in schools. The cell phones shouldn 't be used during school days because it can lead to cheating, texting it makes sounds, and is distracting all this put together makes for an unneeded school accessory. First reason why the cell phones shouldn 't be in school it leads to cheating. Cell phones are filled with information and students can use it for poorly. Let 's face it the students during exams or quizzes don 't remember everything and in the heat of the moment they 'll take out their cell phones. Cell phones especially smart phones are small and unnoticeable, which leads students to believe they won 't get caught, but in reality they can and will get caught. The schools in turn will be forced to suspend or even expel that student for cheating all because of a cell phone. Other side of the argument argues that teachers can just take the phones when the test is out, but students are more than likely to keep the phone and cheat with it. So phones don 't belong in schools and students are more than likely to use it in a negative way. Another trait other than cheating that cell phones can be used for is texting in class. In classes that are two hours long it can get boring and dry at times. This will lead students to text in class…
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