Cell Phones Should Not Be Banned

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The use of smartphones is becoming more common, but at times the use of cell phones can cause problems for a school system. Cell phone usage during school has increased significantly since technology has allowed us to access the internet or social media and text or call anyone whenever we desire. In certain circumstances, however, the use of cell phones should not be allowed such as in class. Some students may face a challenge by putting their phone away just for a split second, and they cannot resist the urge of using their device while in class, thus this could be a serious problem not only for them but for the people surrounding cell phone users. The device creates distractions, not only to the user, but for others as well, causing the user to be disrespectful to his or her classmates and the instructor, and perhaps leading the user to something that is unacceptable by all institutions, cheating. When students are waiting for the instructor to walk into the classroom, the majority of the students will be on their phone. Some students will be checking their school e-mail or checking up on someone if needed, but they will put their phones away when the instructor enters the classroom. Others, however, will be scrolling down their social media news feed and will proceed to do so even after the instructor comes in the classroom and initiates his or her lesson. The users in a classroom are less likely to pay attention to the lesson and will possibly not do as well as
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