Cell Phones Should Not Be Banned

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Cell Phones Should be Allowed in School Seventy eight percent of 12-17 years old have cell phones as of a survey taken in 2013. Cell phones have boomed and its time to let them shine. Cell phones becoming a major part of peoples life’s. Cell phones are welcomed every where this days. There allowed in restaurants and hospitals, but one place they are not welcome are schools. Cell phones should allowed in schools. Cell phones are used by around third of the population. With teenagers being a very big percent of the people who have cellphones, why aren’t cell phones allowed in schools. Cellphones phones are used in case of emergencies. Seventy percent of all 911 calls are from a cell phone. Emergencies usually happen out of no where so being…show more content…
There was also another survey with fifty one percent of high school students have carried cell phones with them since freshman year. They are already use to bringing their cell phones so most students will have them every day. Many people would say students would use cell phones to text in class even in a 2011 survey at the University of New Hampshire’s Whittemore School of Business and Economic had a said that sixty five percent of their students have texted in class, but also students have been surveyed and said they use their cell phones for some sort of class work. With the spread of cell phones teachers are also getting in the loop. In a report from “How Teacher are using Technology at Home and their Classrooms” it was surveyed that fifty eight percent of teachers have cell phones compared to forty eight percent of all American adults. Teachers are supposedly more in the loop than regular American adults. Along with seventy three percent of teachers said that they and their students use cell phones in the classroom. Seventy three percent of teachers in the study have used cell phones in class before to teach their students. In a Pew Research Center study said forty eight percent of the students used cell phones to discuss school work. Kilgore 3 Many students need a way to get in touch with their teachers and a lot students like to speak face to face, but that would be an inconvenience to show up at a teachers house so they can use apps like
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