Cell Phones Should Not Be Banned

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Cell phones can definitely be educational tools in school What’s are everybody’s opinion on cell phones during school? Why should or shouldn’t they be allowed? I’ve always used mine as a helpful tool. I’ve heard many different sides of this debate, mostly they have been positive. I’ve used mine for reading a book in study hall and playing a game to benefit for a vocabulary test. Cell phones are educational tools and should not be banned. This is a debate that can go both ways. Lots of bigger schools have banned cell phones in view of the size of the school. Every school has their own rules. There are many useful goods about cell phones during school. Some students use them to read in study hall, and others use them to research in class. The Internet can be helpful in class if some schools don’t have computers for all their students. When someone is browsing on the Internet on his or her free time at the end of a class, there could be an interesting article to learn something or teachers could have students do a project on an app. If they have school work or a test to study for, learn to put it down for a while and have limits (Schulten). If some schools have a genuinely stricter cell phone policy every teacher needs to be fair about it, and treat every student the same. The teacher might have a rule where students only use it at the end of class, or only for researching during class. Students need to be respectful and put them away when the teacher is talking. For some
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