Cell Phones Should Not Be Used In School Essay

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Ring! Ring! Your phone just went off what should you do? You should ask my teacher if you can turn it off. Which students think that it is good to have cellphones in school, but some do not think it is a good idea? Cellphones are very distracting in class and school. Cell phones are devices they do not need to be used on school campus at all.The only time cellphones should be used is when students can research and do school work.Even though, students want their mobile phones on school campus teachers should take them,while students are on them.Students do not need their phones anytime during class only when their teachers say they can get on it.Teachers probably know that the students parents will get mad at teachers for taking their child's phone.Students need to learn a lesson not to get on their phone during school hours.Cellphones should not be used in school because they are a total distraction and can cause students to fail. Many students like to text during class and school hours. The reason why they might text during class because someone might of texted them. Many students just text so they do not have to pay attention to their teachers. Students like to text people…show more content…
Cell phones cause negative effects and disturb students from learning. Students need to get an education and learn more about school work. Students and teens will worry way much more about their phones than their school work. Cell phone are a big disturbance and need to stay off the school property. Many students love to research things they do not need to research and that is one reason why students do not need their phones during school. Cell phones should not be allowed or used during school hours. Students just need to worry more about their school work and do not need to worry about their phones. Students need to be banned and their teachers need to take their student's
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