Cell Phones Should Not Be Used In Motor Vehicles

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The evolution of communication technologies has been a major milestone in the advancement of the ways through which we communicate. Gone are the days when the only ways of communicating was by use of telegrams, faxes, and conventional letters and landline telephones. As the industry of technology continues to evolve, communication has seen a dramatic advancement in the sense that communication methods have become increasingly convenient and cheap. Among the major milestones in communication is the use of mobile phones, or cellphones, which make it possible to communicate on a personal or professional setting with ease and at any point and time (Delgado, Wanner, & McDonald, 2016). However, the use of these devices to communicate while travelling has been a hazardous thing to do, particularly when driving. This paper aims at arguing the case that cellphones should not be used in motor vehicles. A variety of issues support the thinking that there is need to prohibit cellphone use in motor vehicles. The main reasons revolve around the fact that cellphone use in cars creates a hazardous environment for vehicle users as well as pedestrians among other issues. Firstly, we must appreciate that cellphones can be distracting in nature and as such, they increase the risks attributable to car accidents significantly. In the current world we live in, accidents occur more frequently than ever and result in the loss of thousands of lives every year. Many of these accidents occur due to the
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