Cell Phones Should Not Be Used In Public School

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Did you know that today, technology is being widely used in public schools today? All around us in the world, cell phones are stuck to students like glue, especially during school hours. This may be surprising, but it is true. Some believe that phones should not be taken from students at the school, while others believe the opposite. Students who have phones, most likely, use them more than is allowed on campus. The administrators notice, and haven't done anything about it. Phones should be allowed in school, only used in moderation. They can be helpful at school, but do you know how? Phones can be useful in many ways at school, like for communication. If students happen to need a change of clothes at school, for any reason, they can call or text their parents for help. Now you may be thinking "What if the parents have a job?" The parents should care enough to bring their child a change of clothes to school. Another example would be if there is an emergency at school, like an intruder, or the child gets sick, they would need to be able to contact their parents. Some children do not have their parent's cell phone numbers memorized, but they may be in the child's device. Forasmuch, if the child had homework, he or she would need to contact the teacher for help through a private class messaging system. Therefore, the teacher could explain, and the child would no longer need help. Also, cell phones can be used in the classroom for learning websites such as
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