Cell Phones Vs. Windows

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There are so many options available when it comes to deciding anything with technology. From cell phones to computers and Androids/Windows to Apple. There are different sizes, features, styles, and even amount of storage. Knowing which one is right for or making a decision on which one to purchase can be very frustrating. It seems to be that you are either an Apple/ Mac supporter or Android/ Windows, there is not really anyone who is in between. Making a decision between the two sometimes can be very difficult with all the options. The people who you go to for help are the sellers and I always wonder if they really tell you the truth about the product or work off commission and are just trying to make a sale. You have to look at how you are going to be utilizing them. Are they for a business or personal use, homework or downloading videos and/or music? As you can tell the questions are endless. I have an Apple phone, but I do refuse to have an Apple computer. When it comes to cell phones Apple seems to be more popular. It has features that are appealing to the eye. It is bubbly, sleek, and just pretty to look at where Android phones have always been plain, simple, and not so appealing to the eye. In my psychology class I did learn that Apple employs many psychologists to study people and work with the engineers to design things that will attract many customers. The features the phone offers are just cool in general. The one I use the most would be Siri, which is a
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