Cell Phones While Driving Should Be Illegal

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Since cell phones became popular, there have been significantly more distractive driving accidents on record. A tiny little phone, small enough to fit in your pocket, can cause major accidents on the road. Mobile phones have had many negative effects while driving. Overall, using cell phones while driving should be illegal. Texting while driving has lead to many deaths. There are a number of accidents caused by texting and driving, so many that just even calling while driving is dangerous. In the United States, "5,474 people were killed... due to distracted driving" (Texting While Driving 3). Not including all the people who were injured, 5,474 is a pretty big number. But these texting and driving accidents do not happen solely in cars. In…show more content…
"The report by the Highway Loss Data Institute, an insurance industry-funded research group, compared crash rates in four states that prohibit texting with those in states where it is allowed. It found no reduction in states where it is banned" (Laws Against para 4). It was found that only about 16 percent of accidents were caused by distracted driving. It may be true that the states that did ban texting while driving showed no reduction. However, phones are just becoming more popular and they only showed four states out of 50. What about the rest of the world? "more than 40 foreign countries restrict the use of cell phones while driving" (Laws Banning Cell Phone 14). If over 40 other countries ban the use of cell phones while driving, then it must be necessary and the United States is just behind. Why not make laws banning cell phone use while driving all over the United States? Society knows that cell phones are going to become more popular and the generation that grew up with cell phones are learning how to drive, yet there are no laws in place. Laws may take up to a couple of years to become effective, so the sooner there is a law set and ready to go the better. Therefore, having laws that ban cell phone use while driving should be in
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