Cell Phones While Driving Should Be Legal Essay

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Many states within the United States have made it illegal to operate a vehicle while using a hand held cell phone, and the other states have not. This law entirely restricts the driver from using their cell phone while driving. Although there are some individuals whom support this law and believe that it is needed, others argue that it is unnecessary and a nuisance to them while they drive. This law is effective in the sense that while individuals drive they must be focused and prioritize safety while driving. While operating a motor vehicle the driver has to be focused. It is believed by many that if the cell phone is on silent or off the driver will not focus on it. Cell phones can constantly distract the driver, even if they are on…show more content…
If the law against the use of hand held cell phones were limited in the way where the ability to text was illegal and calling on a hand held device was legal, there still would be implications while driving, with the one hand against the ear and the other on the steering wheel limits what the driver is able to do if there was an event which required both hand that would not be possible. The risk of focusing on the conversation is still present, the driver would prioritize their conservation first which leads to more distractions than one person can take and eventually lead to the driver creating an opportunity for an accident. In another situation where the law was completely taken away people would text and create phone conversations that would go at the same time as driving and they look down at their phone for a second and later they regret using their phone. The claims against the phone law that have been brought forth have good reasoning but the consequence are higher. The law has been put into place to protect the people. Drivers need the ability to focus on driving and their external environment so they do not cause any situations that may put anyone and anything into danger. Therefore the idea that this law is only in some states and not all is surprising taking into account all the negative impacts that could

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