Cell Phones and Driving

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Cell Phones and Driving One of the most popular innovations in automotive travel in the past decade has nothing to do with the automobile itself, the people who drive them, or the roads over which they operate. Rather, it is the ability to carry on telephone conversations while driving. A major concern for the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration (NHTSA) is that drivers are being distracted by cell phone usage and about 85 percent of the nation 's cell phone subscribers use them while driving (Glazer). What CB radios were to the '70s, cellular phones were to the '80s. From early 1984, when the first complete systems became operational, the number of cellular phone users had grown to over two…show more content…
This will allow us to understand the problem of cell phones causing distractions to drivers. In some states, without comprehensive cell phone or texting bans, the local jurisdictions have enacted their own distracted driving laws (Glazer). However, some states, for example, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, and Oklahoma, have preemption laws that prohibit local jurisdictions from enacting such bans. It seems to me that more states are becoming active in realizing the use of cell phones while driving could be a serious problem. Although a bill has been passed allowing states to decide if drivers could use hands-free cell phone devices and use cell phones in emergency situations (Hansen), I believe one can still be distracted and the laws have got to be on a federal level. When you 're on a call, even if both hands are on the wheel, your head is in the call, and not on your driving. The change to stop cell phone use while driving, won 't happen overnight. I believe that there will be a day, however, when we look back and wonder how we could have been so reckless with our cell phones and texting devices. A particular study by the Harvard Center for Risk Analysis, found that driver use of cell phones contributes to 6% of vehicle crashes, or 636,000 crashes, leading to 12,000 serious injuries and 2,600 annual deaths (Glazer). Research is showing
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