Cell Phones are Higlhy Addictive

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According to the U.N Telecom Agency there are about 6 billion cell phone subscribers in the world. (“UN says world has 6 billion cell phone subscribers, 2.3 billion Internet users”). With a number this high one must ask whether or not cell phones are more beneficial than they are harmful. Everyone recognizes the benefits of cell phones, but how often does society acknowledge the harms that cell phones induce on the public. The simplicity of communication through the use of cell phones does not outweigh the distractions caused by cell phones, because cell phones create addictions, discourage direct social contact amongst their consumers, and cause deaths. Cell phones are highly addictive and cause users to obsess over their phones when in use, and, on the other hand , cause users to be depressed when they cannot use their cell phones. Not only do cell phones lead their users into a different world, but cell phones also add stress to the lives of cell phone addicts. Nomophobia, the fear of losing your cell phone or not having it with you causes many cell phone users to think first about cell phones rather than paying attention in school, doing their job at work, or even sleeping at night. A study conducted by SecurEnvoy shows that people on average check their cell phones thirty-four times a day (Kuperstein). In a twelve hour day that is nearly equal to checking ones cell phone three times every hour or once every twenty minutes. That is indeed a high number, but what

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